Delightful cycling through the Ardennes!

Cycling Weekend Package

Cycle route de Vennbahn

One of the longest and most famous cycling trails in the Vennbahn, is right behind our campsite. It is an old railway route running through three countries, almost flat, with only a 3% incline. It's largely asphalted and a really easy ride. The natural beauty, the flair of this border region, and many incredible tales about the Vennbahn make this cycle tour a unique experience.

Bike Camping Oos Heem

Camping Oos Heem is a great base for cyclists. Not only can we repair your bicycle, but we also offer the perfect spot to rest after a wonderful cycle tour of the Vennbahn. We are certified by the East Belgium Tourist Agency for Bed + Bike packages. Cyclists and hikers can rest assured that our campsite provides you with all the comforts you need.

Bed + Bike Camping Oos Heem

The Bed + Bike label was set up by the ADFC, to provide a guarantee to cyclists and hikers in the Belgian Ardennes and Luxembourg, ensuring that hikers and cycling tourists can count on a service that meets their expectations. The requirements for the Bed + Bike certificate must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Welcome for even one night
  • The bicycle is safely stored.
  • Laundry and dryers are provided
  • The appropriate materials are made available for minor bike repairs
  • For major repairs, you can go to the nearest garage

Thanks to extensive hiking maps and public transport facilities, you can plan fun excursions in the area

For hikers and cyclists who don't bring their own tents, various accommodation options are available You may also make use of the tenting field if you have your own camping equipment Are you planning a trip along the Ravel? Check out all the Bed + Bike accommodation options available in the region at the East Belgian Tourist Office.