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Adventurous activities

Can't sit still during your holidays? Or are you ready to push your limits? Discover exciting activities near our campsite.


Playing paintball on a huge playing field? You can at Actionzone! This activity venue has created a huge playing field with all kinds of obstacles, giving you a real fighting feeling!

Website Actionzone


Time to step into the shoes of Max Verstappen or Pierre Gasly, race around the kart track and fight for the fastest time!

Website Karting Spa


Be one with nature while pushing your limits? At Avenature! Here you can climb and clamber in trees.

Website Avenature 

Cinema Malmedy

Is the weather bad or do you feel like watching a film in a comfortable chair? Malmedy has a cinema where you will forget for a moment you are in reality. Just pay attention to what language the film is played in!

Website Movie Mills

Bubble football

This activity is fun to play, but also to watch! As in football, the aim is to get the ball into your opponent's goal, but you will soon see that the ball becomes an afterthought. In the battle for the ball, it is soon all about knocking your opponent off balance and thus taking them down.

Website Actionzone

Climbing course in Born

In August 2023, we contributed to a new climbing wall and climbing course at the Born viaduct. This climbing wall can be used by young and old under the guidance of someone from Ketterclub Ostbelgien

Schliefferstollen slate mine

How did the "Judge" slate come into being? What was it used for? Where did the whetstones come from? Go on an underground discovery at Recht's slate and bluestone mines and find out.

Website Schieferstollen