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Nearby cities

Of course it is great to enjoy the campsite itself, but did you know that Oos Heem is also a perfect base for all kinds of city trips? We list the 5 nicest cities for you.

1. Malmedy

This city is less than 25 minutes away from our campsite in the Ardennes. Malmedy is a vibrant city with a rich historical heritage. The cathedral and the town square are just a few of its many attractions. Throughout the year, the cosy atmosphere can be experienced through the events in this city.

2. Durbuy

Durbuy, often referred to as the smallest town in the world, is a gem in the Ardennes. With cute little streets, old stone houses and cosy boutiques, Durbuy exudes a real medieval atmosphere. Visit the Durbuy castle for a dip into the past, or explore adventurous options like kayaking on the river Ourthe.

3. Luik

From the smallest city in the world to the largest city in the Ardennes, Liège. In the mid-20th century, Liège was the centre of the mining and steel industry. But with the decline of the mining and steel industry came the decline of the city. But today, the city has numerous attractions and is an ideal city for a city break.

4. Spa

The name says it all: Spa is a town synonymous with wellness and relaxation. Famous for its thermal baths, Spa offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy wonderful spa treatments and relaxing moments amidst its beautiful natural surroundings. Spa is also known for its racetrack: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, which is raced all year round. Nowadays, it is best known for its place in the Formula 1 calendar.

5. Bastogne

Bastogne is known for its important role during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. The Bastogne War Museum is a tribute to this history. The town also has a rich cultural offer, with galleries and museums showcasing the region's art and culture.